M. G. International School

M.G.International School was established in 2008 as the senior wing of M.G.Convent School managed and supervised by M.G.Educational Development & Welfare Society.
M.G.International School, Kawar, Etah is an English medium institute affiliated by the central board of secondary education (C.B.S.E.), India. It is a school, based on Indian culture and values ​​of life, which provides world-class education and NCERT curriculum.
India has had a remarkable history of teaching through the GURUKUL: Guru- Shishya Parampara. Ancient Gurukul System was an effective medium of education from highly knowledgable experts in both practical and theoretical knowledge of life and books. In the Sanskrit language, Guru means teacher and Kula stands for extended family. A type of school that is residential.
At M.G.International School, with our dedicated staff’s help, we combine the ancient Gurukul system and Central Board of Secondary Education. Over the past few years, the Institute has established itself as one of the district’s premier educational institutes, which focuses on quality and value-based education. M.G.International School has diversified in the areas of academic excellence, research-orientation, and technology interactions, as well as social & cultural responsibility. Our students learn from modern technologies and mantras and Vedas; they go to Paathshala (classroom) every day and Yagyashala every week. We foster respect, dignity, and leadership in our students.

Rahul Gupta Manager


To make learners confident for a brighter career and make him/her a good human being, Excellent Civilian for global community.


To provide an excellent, Indian value based world class education in a nurturing and challenging learning environment producing confident global citizens who strive to be the best.